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02 Dec

The story behind the story of “Asha and the Spiritz”

This Christmas, it doesn’t matter wether you’re 9 or 70 years old: let go of fear and anger forever ! Follow Asha and her friends’ epic journey and meet the little blue creatures who are living by your side, just waiting to help you on YOUR journey ! Oh. Yeah… […]

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02 Aug

Have you met the characters yet?

ASHA Asha is a young Indian girl, who was born in the Himalayas hundreds of years ago. Joyful, proud and sometimes rebellious, she is a big dreamer. Mocked by the other kids for having delusional ambitions, she is encouraged by her mother to never give up on her dreams. Asha […]

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29 Feb

Thank you all for these amazing reviews!!! ^_^

☆☆☆☆☆ This book is AMAZING!! This book is AMAZING!!! Both my tween (11) daughter and I have read it and we enjoyed it immensely. It is well written, captivating, the story flows beautifully – and the imagery and symbolism are beautiful also. The fight between good and evil is intense […]

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29 Jan

Meet the Spiritz!

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28 Jan

Asha and the Spiritz ebook is releasing today!

Asha and the Spiritz is now available on Amazon, iBooks and Kobo! Get your copy now! Don’t forget you can also buy Asha and the Spiritz music on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and more! Please help us spread the word by sharing this website, one of the videos or the link to the book on Amazon! […]

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16 Jan

Preorder Worldwide

For those who are asking why they can’t preorder the book on the book is available on Amazon worldwide! Just search for Asha and the Spiritz on Amazon in your country! e.g. click on the links to find Asha and the Spiritz on,,,,…  😉

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15 Jan

More music & more images from the book!

Don’t forget that Asha and the Spiritz eBook is now available for preorder! Links here and on your right! Here’s the music/lyrics video of All that I’m made of, the first song inspired by the book, available for sale now! Don’t forget to listen to Till I find my home too! […]

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14 Jan

Asha and the Spiritz ebook available for preorder!

The Asha and the Spiritz ebook is now available for preorder on Amazon ,Kobo and soon iBooks! Read the book’s first pages here! We’re working hard on making the paperback version available as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t give a precise date. Meanwhile, the great thing about the ebook version is: the illustrations look […]

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10 Nov

Asha and the Spiritz™- A story of hope, courage and karma

“What if someone told you that no matter what, no matter when, no matter where, you are not alone? That whatever you do, think, or say, someone is right there beside you, seeing and hearing it all? What if they could send you help at any time of the day? […]

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